Raumsehen und Raumhören (Seeing Space and Hearing Space)

video stills
© VBK, Vienna 2009
Courtesy Charim Galerie, Vienna

Raumsehen und Raumhören (Seeing Space and Hearing Space) is the product of a one-off performance by VALIE EXPORT at the Kölnischer Kunstverein. The work examines the relationship between body and space in the form of a structural analysis of how parallel images and sounds are perceived. While EXPORT stood thenentire time motionless in one place, a monitor showed her moving closer and further away, becoming larger or smaller or going from left to right, all done using technical means such as shifting focal lengths or splitting the screen. The picture was accompanied by corresponding, synthetic sounds: optical closeness corresponded with greater sound volume and quicker repetitions of sounds; optical distance with less sound volume and slower repetitions. These different spatial positions and the sounds assigned to them were presented in their possible combinations in altogether six different segments. Raumsehen und Raumhören confronts the static position of the real body in space with the dynamic possibilities provided by a technical apparatus.



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