Hospital Bone Dance

video still
© Atelier Hopfmann

Strange scenes take place at a trauma center. While injured patients have to wait endlessly to be attended to or are summarily turned away, some people, bandaged from top to bottom, start a breakneck dance performance to an electro piece. At the same time, a man with a head injury mimes a karaoke performance to Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone in front of the hospital. The respective music tracks are played only briefly and stop just as suddenly. The apparatus of the hospital seems to have lost complete control; at the same time, symptomatic sounds and the body practices associated with them unfold. Different forms of pop music (techno or sixties rock) take over the sick bodies, while the spirit world that opens up inside the institution creates an impenetrable and, in the end, uncontrollable context.


  • original Title: Hospital Bone Dance
  • Date: 2006

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