Optofonica Capsule

© Roel Baeckart
Courtesy the artist

Optofonica Capsule is an audio-visual immersive environment developed by Maurizio Martinucci, aka TeZ, in collaboration with Janis Pönisch (design). Consisting of an adjustable head cap and a pedestal-like platform, this multimedia capsule is designed for only one person and is thus conceived for an individualized form of reception. The spherical hood of specially coated material is made to resonate by transducers (contact loudspeakers), which leads to an all-enveloping emission of sound. On the inside there is a flat-screen that almost completely fills the field of vision of the person in the capsule. In addition, the platform is made to vibrate with the help of transducers so that the floor literally disappears under one’s feet; thus a space for autonomous audio-visual experience is opened up for the sensorium, now barely attached to the exhibition space.



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