Private Cyberspace

video still
© Nina Stuhldreher

In this dance clip by Nina Stuhldreher, the artist is seen at night in her studio, which is closer to a home office in appearance, surrounded by numerous electronic devices for the household, entertainment and communication. In this setting, she performs an auto-didactically choreographed music clip to the 1980s disco hit Fade to Grey by Visage. With somnambulistic and robot-like dance movements, she operates light switches, a stereo set, remote controls and a laptop to transfer her body, as it were, into cyberspace. The promises of audio-visual cyberworlds and the subversive discovery of identity are here related to new biologistic theories that are the latest fad in the field of intelligence research. Stuhldreher is also interested here in the libidinous interface linking enjoyable experiences of the self, commercial interests, and audio-visual hi-tech innovations.


  • original Title: Private Cyberspace
  • Date: 2002
  • Genre: Video

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