Das Unvollständige Gedicht (The Unfinished Poem)

installation view Kunstverein Munich, 1992
photo: Joss Bachhofer
© VBK, Vienna 2009
Courtesy the artist

Das Unvollständige Gedicht (The Unfinished Poem) is intended as a commentary on and deconstruction of the famous Poème electronique, which was commissioned by the Philips company for the Brussels World Exposition in 1958. Together with Iannis Xenakis and Edgar Varèse, Le Corbusier came up with a multi-media Gesamtkunstwerk as a spectacular choreography of architecture, light, color, image, rhythm, and sound that became an icon of modern propaganda. It celebrated the progress of civilization on its path to the modern era. The promises of a world created by artists were euphorically combined with technological innovations. Christian Philipp Müller’s installation consists of a reproduction of Corbusier’s claustrophobic office with pictures and documents from the Poème électronique arranged around it. The music from the Expo ’58 can be heard in the interior, which is equipped with two glass doors and an automatic fastening mechanism, while outside only the titles of the photos from the historical picture show are projected as white text.


  • original Title: Das unvollständige Gedicht
  • Date: 1992 – 2009
  • Genre: Installation

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