30 Sound Situations

12 film stills
© VBK, Wien 2009
Courtesy the artist

Ryszard Waśko’s films are created at the interface between analytical Conceptual art, performance and a form of media reflexivity that deals laconically with the representational system of film. In 30 Sound Situations, Waśkohits two pieces of wood together in an expansive gesture, in 30 different locations in Łódź, Poland. Indoors, the distance to the camera is five meters; outdoors, where most of the scenes were filmed, the distance is ten meters. The sound is always different. In the films, the background for the scenes is mostly provided by public squares and streets in the Łódź of the 1970s. The 30 Sound Situations also show Waśko as a performance artist who carries out strange actions in public in Poland. The street scenarios, in which he some- times disappears behind passers-by, convey a melancholic atmosphere that reflects also the artist’s lonely social position as an outsider.


  • original Title: 30 Sound Situations
  • Date: 1975
  • Genre: Short film

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