Snow Falling at Dawn

sound tape of Snow Falling At Dawn, 1965
Courtesy Collection Jon and Joanne Hendricks

A small receptacle holds a piece of magnetic tape that has the form of a loop. Snow Falling at Dawn is one of Yoko Ono’s early works, which capture the sound of natural processes, or rather, try to evoke them at the level of imagination. It is preceded by Instructions, which Ono collected in her book Grapefruit, first published in 1964. One of these poetic instructions, Tape Piece III – Snow Piece, which is dated as being from the fall of 1963, calls for falling snow to be recorded on tape: Take a tape of the sound of the snow falling. This should be done in the evening. Do not listen to the tape. In 1965, Ono offered Snow Falling at Dawn, along with other works, for cheap purchase on Yoko Ono’s Sales List and in a flyer (Buy now!) at the price of 25 cents per inch, available via a New York post office box. The works on sale included Snow of India, Snow of Kyo, and Snow of Aos.



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