Cover versions usually try to breathe new life into old originals. In Martin Arnold’s Coverversion, this aim is exposed in all its artificiality and obsolescence. A band of cloned appearance called Tofu.gti has taken up position in front of the stationary camera in symmetrical formation. One after the other, the guitarist, the percussionist, then both together, and finally the two singers positioned in the middle, have a go at bits of the Milli Vanilli number Girl You Know It’s True. The awkwardness of the recording is accentuated by repeated loops and playbacks. These help to cover over the bare patches in the music, but in the end make them stand out even more obviously. When the two motionless singers begin to intone their automated oohs and ahs, the thread is lost completely and the whole venture is exposed as beyond all redemption.


  • original Title: Coverversion
  • Date: 2007
  • Genre: Film

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