blindstorey / Fitzwilliam Version


blindstorey uses digital technology to translate ornamental forms of baroque architecture into contemporary versions in order to relate them to re-arranged variations of silence from various films. For the third version of this installation, created in 2003 for the monastery library at Admont Abbey, Ruhm commissioned Berlin musician Ekkehard Ehler to write new compositions for three audio stations that represent sampled baroque ornaments. The compositions draw both on an archive of acoustic remnants and blank spaces sampled from film soundtracks and the so-called Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, one of the most important collections of English compositions for virginal from the late 16th century. Here, silence appears as a configuration structured by breaks and omissions, emotions and impulses and formed by suppressed materials that blindstorey exposes to make them audible.



This work is issued in following texts