From A to B and Back to B

film stills
© VBK, Wien 2009
Courtesy the artist

While the camera stands in a fixed position somewhere in the public space of Łódź, Poland, always showing the same scene, Ryszard Waśko, equipped with a portable recording device, marches off purposefully—from A to B and back to A. We hear the penetrating sound of his steps the entire way–interrupted only by Waśko’s serial announcements of the distance covered at each meter. The whole time, we see the same monotonous point of departure, whose own sound can no longer be heard. In From A to B and back to A we see or hear the route from the other direction. The soundtrack in this ironic experiment becomes independent and detaches itself succinctly from the film track. Waśkos’ films are made mostly in connection with concepts and photographs that also aspire to be seen as a medium alongside performance and film.


  • original Title: From A to B and Back to B
  • Date: 1974
  • Genre: Short film

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