Screenshot from fijuu (2004) by delire+pix
© Julian Oliver and Steven Pickles, courtesy the artists

Fijuu (since 2004) by Julian Olivier and Pix can be seen as an interactive instrument based on the forms of interaction found in computer games. It is conceptually based on the functions of a record player, since it confronts the users with a representation of a number of layered rotating disks. Each disk is linked with a sound sequence assigned to it, and users can remove parts of it to introduce a rhythmic difference. In addition, the speed, the direction of playing the sound, and numerous transformative functions can also be triggered. Changes in the 3D elements simultaneously translate the sound transformations to the visual level. With fijuu, Julian Olivier and Pix have created an original interface that enables direct interactive manipulation of the sound properties within a complex 3D environment.



3D audio/visual installation

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