Radio Dynamics

film still
© Fischinger Trust, Courtesy Center for Visual Music

A sign shown at the beginning of the film–Please! No Music–Experiment in Color- Rhythm–already indicates two main characteristics of this film. It is made without sound and is a continuation of the experiments with color relationships that Fischinger was carrying out at the time the film was made; it does not only deal with the spatial arrangement of colors but also with their sequence in time. In this film, described by Fischinger as a color-music-composition, colored geometric forms are set in relation to mosaic-like paintings and screen-filling color fields, giving rise to harmonic and rhythmic structures. His particular interest here in physiological effects of perception is revealed in a sequence in which extremely rapid image changes and positive-negative contrasts bring about a flickering effect in addition to modifications, fluctuations, and vibrations of the colors.


  • original Title: Radio Dynamics
  • Date: 1942
  • Duration: 4 min
  • Genre: Short film